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CLEANsweep V-Concept Hochleistungs-Kehrbesen fr Stapler, Radlader, Teleskoplader
mit Kehrgut-Sammelfunktion.
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The CLEANsweep V-Concept

Innovative, technically well thought out - the unique debris collection principle of the CLEANsweep V-Concept. Due to the patented arrangement of the special brush rows, debris is collected into the middle of the sweeping path and the escaping of material sideways - the so-called Stripe effect is prevented. At the same time there is more in the CLEANsweep V-concept for you - the unique design and the use of special materials and manufacturing technologies ensure the best sweeping results and highest durability of the special brushes.

This allows you to quickly clean large areas, sweep heavy bulk goods and raw materials from handling areas and sort them into bulk boxes. Whether a forklift, shovel loader, telescopic handler, skid steer loader or tractor - with pallet forks, bucket, crocodile bucket, quick hitch or bale clamp, in 5 - 10 seconds, the unique broom is attached to the carrier vehicle and ready to go.


You can do without hydraulic connection. The simple and user-oriented design of our hitches
is flexible - with every vehicle.
Enjoy daily the easy mounting, quick sweeping and clean operating areas.

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Fork pocket hitch
Crocodile bucket and Fork pocket combination hitch
Euro-Quick and Fork pocket combination hitch
Bucket and Fork pocket combination hitch
Bale clamp and Fork pocket combination hitch
Fork pocket hitch


Over 10 years of development and experience have established the solution.
Precision, quality and design have an effect! Without leaving the vehicle, the CLEANsweep V-Concept Broom is attached and ready to use in just seconds. Repair-prone mechanical parts have been dispensed with, and focus is on the essentials. "Save raw materials, push material into separate boxes, reduction of polluted surface water, clean operating areas, higher safety, lower wear costs, no maintenance costs, and no downtime." You can experience the difference too!

Select your field of application to view industry specific photos and product videos of the
broom in action.

easy quick clean.

  • Mount in 5 10 seconds
  • Tremendous sweeping capacity, huge debris quantities
  • High sweeping speed
  • Patented V-Concept formation of the special brushes
    Unique debris collecting effect and better sweeping results!
  • 800 km wear life of the special brushes
  • No hydraulic or mechanical drives

Now it's up to you to experience the difference.
Let yourself be convinced by the substance and effect of our CLEANsweep V-Concept

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